8 Best places to visit in Tanzania

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Tanzania is a beautiful country with a lot to offer. For the nature lover, the adventurer and the relaxed traveler, there is so much to discover. To give you an idea of the most beautiful sights of Tanzania, we have listed several highlights for you.

On safari in Serengeti
An area of grassy plains as far as the horizon goes. The Serengeti is characterized by the countless number of animals and the migration of over a million wildebeest and zebras. It is the setting of world’s largest wildlife spectacle. When compiling a safari to the Serengeti, we take into account the season in which you travel and the location of the animals. Therefore, we ensure you are always in the best place to spot wildlife.

Hyena in Serengeti

Unspoiled Ngorongoro Crater
The Ngorongoro Crater was created 3 million years ago by the explosion of a volcano. Since then, the crater has been overgrown with shades of green. Meanwhile, the crater has become the habitat of more than 30 000 animals. You can hike beautifully here and learn about the Maasai culture.

Animal spotting in undiscovered Ruaha National Park
Are you going for unspoiled nature and lots of animals? Would you like to visit a nature reserve that only a few travelers have yet discovered? Ruaha National Park is an unspoiled and adventurous safari area in southern Tanzania. The park has an impressive variety of landscapes. One day you drive though “Little Serengeti” while the next day you pass a rugged nature reserve. The park takes its name from the Ruaha River where animals come to drink water all year round.

Ruaha National Park

One of the Seven Summits: Mount Kilimanjaro
On a clear day, it is fantastic to enjoy the view of Africa’s highest mountain: Mount Kilimanjaro. Climbing Kilimanjaro is for anyone who enjoys a challenge. However you spend your time on or around Kilimanjaro, it definitely will be an imposing sight during your trip.

Chimpanzee spotting in Mahale Mountains National Park
Tanzania is not only home to the elephant, giraffe, zebra or leopard. In western Tanzania chimpanzees live in the rainforest of the mountains. The Mahale Mountains are mountains located on the shores of Lake Tanganyika. This area is a protected habitat for the chimpanzees. It is possible to do a hike in this area to see the chimpanzees. This is a fantastic experience!


Tropical enjoyment on the islands
A trip to Tanzania is wonderful to end or begin on a tropical island. Enjoy nature, stunning beaches, beautiful diving sites, delicious food and the rich Swahili culture. Will you join a spice tour on Zanzibar? Will you look for the rare “flying fox” on Pemba Island? Or will you go swimming with whale sharks on Mafia Island?

Boat Safari in Nyerere National Park
Nowhere else can the elephant, buffalo and lion be found in greater numbers throughout the year. Nyerere National Park is the habitat of the endangered wild dog and the last remaining black rhinos. Will you join us on a boat or jeep safari to enjoy this beautiful nature reserve in Tanzania?

These are 8 beautiful places in Tanzania for your bucket list. But Tanzania has so much more to offer. Explore Tanzania shows you the authentic and pure Tanzania in a sustainable and comfortable way. Would you like a tailer-made trip? Please contact us, we would love to help you.

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